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What is Weetsweet?

The benefits of Weetsweet

Weetsweet is produced from British wheat which is processed mechanically and physically, using natural enzymes. It has various benefits to animals including:

  • It is natural, environmentally friendly and quality assured
  • It minimizes respiratory problems by binding any dust particles to the food preventing inhalation
  • It is better for teeth and gums. Because it is not easily soluble it reduces its availability to bacteria in the mouth
  • It enhances the taste and texture by making the food moist and giving it a sweet taste.
  • It is highly digestible, requiring only a small amount of enzyme activity in the gut.
  • It provides a readily available source of glucose for instant energy, released over time (unlike sucrose).

Weetsweet is used in Wonderdog Gold.

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Vale Feed Company in Shaftesbury, Dorset sells Sneyd's Wonderdog quality working-dog food to customers across the country

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